Joey Note

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Band-ish sometimes (Drums etc.). Can be just Guitar Singing if mello moments,(sometimes keyboard).  What starts out as , Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Phillip Phillips,Eagles, Cat Stevens, can become Social D, Foo Fighters, Killers, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and Ozzy Osborne, or opposite. Just goes with the flows of the moment.

Rodrigos (formerly Don Joses) Fullerton 6-9 

The Songs you Know,

some with a twist, & a few you don't.

1 Show up, You're invited

2  Chill, Party, Whatever

Mar 15 FRIDAY!,  @ Rodrigos (New Name,but same Don Jose Place)- Fullerton 1725 N. Placentia, @ Yorba Linda Bl ‚Äč

Simple Plan

Joey Note

@ the Fender Museum- Yah Leo Fender

 Pop in, 6-9, which has gone till  10:15 lately, cuz of your great vibe. If want a Rock N Roll custom Birthday song, stop by. Kids, Hipsters, Seniors, Seniors acting like Kids, Students, Dropouts, there will be music for you

    Next Date 

Friday 15th Of Mar