Booking Rates

Private Parties? Coporate Events? OF COURSE!

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It's a little hard to imagine because it is unique. Please call for a more detailed, short  explanation.  310-403-8845

I'm Down !

Wait. A Band is too big, & expensive, but a solo gig is to small and not as lively... What do I do?

Joey Note

Don't be confused by a solo artist calling themselves a 1 man band, who really is a solo artist with limited looping, and no rhythm capabilities, or maybe just drum machine. 

This is a live feel.

I have NEVER seen anyone with this product, which is why I learned to do this. It is designed to fit in between a band and a solo artist, with the flexibility to alter it during the event as desired. I often get a full band rate at places that have bands, while being the only solo act at that venue.

Rates vary  based on event and location, and tend to range from

$ 300 to $ 750. Just Call, Text, or Email,using subject Joey Note, for specific quotes. 

Larger Banquets can be up to $ 1250. 

Areas covered are mostly Southern California & Las Vegas.

Events  out of the above mentioned areas can, and have been played elsewhere, and are at the upper end of the rate scale. Just Call,Text or Email, w subject Joey Note. ‚Äč